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Posted on Apr 12, 2014 12:11 AM by Guinn16
For those in the Meeting on 4/10/14 That wanted to donate without a paypal account here is the donate button. Please go ahead and donate what you feel is necessary, even $2.00 will help out this cause, and it would be greatly appreciated. If you do not know what the donations are for, please come ask Me (Guinn/Jimmy_Rustler) or Ripdog and we can explain.

Again thank you all for your donations and all your help is appreciated. Also put in the comments of the donations what it is for so we can keep things seperated.


Posted on Mar 26, 2014 8:44 PM by Guinn16
The Forge Gaming Community is currently recruiting exceptional candidates
FORGE - is Closed/Full (only exceptional Candidates/Callers will be Considered, If you feel you meet these in your T10's proceed with the application, Otherwise we can put you in another division till a spot opens up.
ANVIL - is Open(But Selective)
ALLOY - is Open

FGC If you show willingness to learn and are close to tank count and efficiency, there are a few spots available to be trained.

If you do not get your confirmation email please Jump on TS and poke me(Guinn16) and I will manually activate your account.

TS Address is

You must come on to teamspeak to talk to us, we will not chase you down, via ingame.

Requirements are as follows
overall rating of 2000+(Or a 60+day WN8 of 2500+) For FORGE
overall rating of 1700+(Or a 60+day WN8 of 2000+)ANVIL
overall of 1500(or a 60+day of 1900 WN8) For Alloy
min 4 tier 10 (commonly used CW tanks)
Available 4+ nights
Able to use teamspeak
Able to follow instructions and take orders
Willingness to learn and grow.

Any questions about recruitment please direct them Merentar/G_R_K_S_T_A_R/Squirrelin/Guinn16 - Forge, Tallnob/Puckchaser - Anvil, xXGhostXx - Alloy.

Open Applications
WoT World of Tanks
Apr 9 - SamuelDOra
Apr 11 - Jeep_Racer
Apr 15 - nautics
Apr 18 - lordsauron
Apr 19 - RandomPenguin
Apr 19 - Joker_6